Situbondo is My Little City

Have you ever heard about SITUBONDO?

Hmm, so poor you. You never hear that name of town in this earth. Hehe, Oke, I will tell you. Just, keep sit up and just enjoyed when i describe it.



Oke, first Situbondo has a logo, that logo seem like in top the page.

  1. The Star symbol is meaning symbolize the golry of God that the creator of the universe as a basic moral on society of Situbondo people.

  2. The Shield symbol is meaning defense area and all parth of the dangers that comes wherever.

  3. The Mountain and the High white sky symbol are meaning  the aspire people with strength faith and purity of heart in Situbondo.

  4. The Field of rice and the yellow area symbol are meaning prosperity of the agricultural in Situbondo.

  5. The blue sea and the ship symbol is meaning rich the ocean, beach area, anchorage and tourism in Situbondo.

  6. The Red stone that stackable five is meaning the robustness of the State of Pancasila as the moral basis of society Situbondo in towards justice and prosperity.

  7. 17 of the Grain rice, 8 of cotton, 4 of chain, and toothed wheel 5 pieces symbols are meaning spirit of the proclamation on August 17 th 1945 for indenpence with growing in Situbondo.

  8. The White ribbon that inscribed with SITUBONDO symbol is meaning area of Situbondo.

And the next, Situbondo is regency of East java, Indonesia. It covers an area of 1,669.87, and had a population of 647,619 at the 2010 Census. It is one of the locations in the country precisely in the area on the east end of Java before Banyuwangi. Situbondo is a small town in the state of the building and improvement in all areas, hopefully it can someday continue to create the nation's children in the name of the state. One of the famous tourist sites is the white sand beach.



Situbondo has 17 subdistrict, that are Banyuglugur, Jatibanteng, Sumber Malang, Besuki, Suboh, Mlandingan, Bungatan, Kendit, Panarukan, Situbondo, Panji, Mangaran, Kapongan, Arjasa, Jangkar, Asembagus and Banyuputih.


Situbondo have much tourism place, that place so beauty and still pure. There some places, like Pasir Putih beach. Look this picture!



And then this is Baluran. How a beautiful scenery. Right???



And much other, like Japan cave, Forever Green Forest, Putri Tidur Mountain, ect.


And this is a video about tradition in Situbondo that called, "Petik laut". That is about be grateful for get much harvest fish. Let's we watch it together. :)


Petik Laut Situbondo


Situbondo has much taste food, you will feel want to eat again. Hmm, Yummy!

See this food, maybe you wanna it.

1. Tajjin Palappa, Special from Situbondo





2. Rujak Petis



3. Some fruit like Mango






4. 'Karak' Rice



Yes, that a bit from my city. :)

Ayo, mampir ke Situbondo. ^_^

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="356"] Alun-alun Situbondo[/caption]

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  1. Hi Cynthia...
    I'm also come from Zhibond

    It is Nice to know there are somebody who love her hometown so much...

    Nice Article...

  2. Thank you. Nice to meet you Jo. :) Yes, Because i Love Situbondo so much.
    Thank you for read my article. :)


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